Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year, New Goals II

Ah, January 1st. A new year. A fresh start. When everyone gives up something or starts going to the gym. For me, time to lay down the goals.

If 2012 was about going long at Ironman, 2013 is about getting faster with more focus on power and technique. I'd like to lay a solid foundation to give Ironman another go in mid-2014. In October Jamie and I will be getting married, with that I have zero desire to do many six hour bike rides as I did in 2012. If not going long it leaves enough energy to focus on becoming more powerful. 

The A-race of the year will actually be the Gatorman swim in La Jolla. I'm not positive that can be called an A-race but it is the main event I want to do in the year. It's a 3 mile open water swim in La Jolla Cove. I've come so far in swimming and I think this event will help me prove that to myself even more.  

After that I'd like to do the Big Rock Triathlon in April again, the OC Duathlon in May, a half-marathon late in the year, a sprint triathlon and many short running events in between. 

A year ago I may have told you I'd get into bike racing by this time but after taking a step back from Ironman I realized... I really like triathlon. I love the variety, the training and the lifestyle it gives. Triathlon has given me a lot since baseball ended and frankly, I want to keep that up for a long time to come. 

Here's to 2013 and beyond.

2013 Season Goals

1 Complete the Gatorman Swim

2 PR in 5k, 10k & Half-Marathon

3 Improve Olympic distance triathlon speed

2013 Training Objectives

1 Improve overall swim technique.

2 Increase bike power, not long endurance

3 Complete "30 runs in 30 days" in October

4 Improve running technique and speed

5 Improve Flexibility  


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Running down a holiday treat

After taking a break from running, I made my come back this week. First run might as well have been another marathon despite only being 20 minutes.... alright fine, that's dramatic. You get the picture. 

But why not just jump back into it right? Our friend Megan Miller from grad school invited Jamie and me to run in a 10k this weekend with her. While I thought my legs wouldn't like it, I heard there was a holiday treat post race...Hot Buttered Rum. 

Fun atmosphere and views that the tourists pay a lot to see. I love going down to the Mission Bay resort area, reminds me how we live in paradise. 

Forcing Jamie to pose with Mr. Reindeer and my victory chalice. 
Turns out we ran another half mile because the lead bicycle rode the wrong way off course. Sounds like the staff got into the rum before the race. Jamie used the race as prep for the Carlsbad Half-Marathon, she has done a lot of run training and I'm really proud of her dedication.

Megan with Jamie and I post race.  
 After a chat with Megan and a glass of sweet nectar, we were off to a Vessey family Christmas party. 

The Vessey girls with Mel (who will be in our wedding) and Grandpa at Christmas

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Endurance sports

What has surprised me the most since Ironman is the number of times I have been asked; will you do another one?
You mean, another Ironman?
Yea, would you do another one.
Yes, I was not tortured in a prison, I did this out of my own free will.
You're crazy.

I suppose I am. 

Six days after Ironman I found myself holding a baseball I keep in the front seat of my truck. It's a California League ball that my college roommate Dan Kaczrowski gave me when he was playing in the minors in California. I held that ball tight, I haven't picked it up in some time. I keep it there to remind me of what is and what once was. In that moment I realized I'm only 25 and one day I'll probably end up doing endurance events longer than I played baseball. Unreal really.