Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Humpty dumpty took a big fall

Fell running last night like a third grader on a playground.

I was doing "hill repeats" (going up and down a hill, which when put like that sounds really stupid) by this road near work, it's very dark and I've been meaning to get a brighter headlamp for some time. (Dumb) I looked up because a motorcycle was at the stop sign ahead (going down the hill), my bad ankle went into a rut and that was all she wrote. I fell to my right side, got a tiny bit of road rash and limped home, which in hindsight was really stupid as well.

It swelled up the second I took my shoe off. I was so scared I tore a ligament in that ankle again. Upon waking this morning though the swelling had gone down. Hard to put weight on it but I went to CVS this morning and purchased an air cast. Remembering the good old RICE method from college; Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Only a person that has spent considerable time in the training room would recall such an acronym.

It was dark, I've been meaning to buy a better headlamp for a year. I put my foot in a hole. 

The sick part of sudden injuries is you have all this time to recall the stupid thing that brought you to the hurt point. 

The good news is swimming will be possible until the ankle is strong. This is the plus side of triathlon, there's always something else that can be done. 

I'm pretty grateful this happened after Ironman Arizona. A lot worse things in life than a sprained ankle. I'll make sure to focus on good blood sugars to make sure it heals quickly.

Running last weekend

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