Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Less is more

I yelled aloud as my Levemir bottle only had 6 units left in it tonight. Levemir is the long acting insulin I use as a basal when not on an insulin pump. I've been off the pump now since Ironman, I thought by this point I'd be dying to be back on it....but I concede, I'm not.

Levemir is great. It keeps blood sugars solid yet doesn't ever send them plummeting.

Maybe less is more. Injections aren't bad. It keeps me more self aware. Then again the workouts haven't been there since ironman so I don't have as much similarities to compare.

I'll remember tomorrow what it's like to be permanently attached. I may also remember the good things about having insulin always on board.

Either way; I hope in 2013 I won't forget the lesson that less can be better.

Here's to a new year.

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