Thursday, March 21, 2013

The shoes one likes

I finally retired the shoes I wore at Ironman and many other races. I only wore them during speed work and races so they lasted awhile but it's time. We've been through a lot together but they need to go. Good bye old friend. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Seeing Double

The ankle has gotten a lot better in the last two weeks. It still isn't a 100% but I'm back up over 30 miles per week which is where I'd like to be while adding more. In order to add mileage over the last three weeks I've done double runs on Saturday instead of the usual long run. I feel so much fresher than blasting out a 10+ mile run. Plus I have no long distance running event in the near future, only 10k distances or shorter. 
The theme has been a run over an hour then an easier recovery run in the evening. All three weekends I've built each longer than the previous weekend with a huge focus on recovery and making sure the ankle is better than the day before. I've also done a lot of treadmill running as a focus for recovery

Just about every run has been on a trail or treadmill. Each run has had a purpose, not just junk miles. Either off the bike for a short 20 minutes, hill repeats, tempo or aerobic, each has been there for a reason. The injury has helped that focus.
I've written about my own gels before but trying something new. This time with pitted dates. It's really good with the sweetness of dates. Two dates have as much potassium as a tab of Nuun so throw that in the blender with brown rice syrup, some sea salt and some cacao powder for a chocolate treat on a long run or bike. Much better than buying the gels. 
Blair took our engagement pictures over the weekend.  More to come.
Glider Port

Ride with Blair a few weeks ago.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


There's this feeling that happens when you're being pushed to the limit. It's hard to think straight, your mind isn't working properly. I'm sure someone out there could explain it scientifically. I'm guessing it has a lot to do with the bodies oxygen consumption.  

It hurts. Your mind is telling your body to stop.

But it feels so good. In those moments your mind is the clearest it will ever be. You earned the feeling. Nothing else matters. You can't think about anything else, the mind won't let you.

Clarity is beautiful.