Monday, April 22, 2013

Week 1 Food Challenge

One of the things I like about posting training, eating and racing is that it keeps you honest. It's a time to reflect on past and present even if it's just my parents and a few friends reading.

In being honest, week 1 of the food was... well... falling off the wagon. Being navigator in an ultra van for a Ragnar Relay with zero sleep (I think I closed my eyes for 20 minutes on Friday night but never was actually asleep) lead to the wheels coming off the wagon on whole food. 

The low point was a cake pop at 5:30am from a Starbucks. 

It was so good though. Wow. I see why the rest of America is obese. Once the brain had no sleep and the shakes started with a ton of decision fatigue, I lost utter control. My blood sugar the next four hours fell victim.

Nine hours of sleep was all I managed on Saturday night, eleven last evening. Even Monday wasn't the best day for the whole food thing. Trying to finish off checking up on sleep and returning to normal. 

Ragnar was fun as always though so maybe, just maybe the cake pop was worth it. I got to run twice and the second time was through Mission Bay. It was at noon on Saturday after no sleep but I was grateful to have a job that allows me to be with fun people and run in the sun of San Diego.

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