Sunday, June 16, 2013

Carlsbad Beach Fest 1-mile swim

Prior to a wedding for one of Jamie's college roommates, we headed north to Carlsbad so I could compete in a one mile ocean swim. I found the race last weekend and decided it was a good idea to test the water and make the swimming I've done the last six months count for something. 

No idea on the official results but I was somewhere under 29 minutes. Started swimming, got about 100 yards out realized we could all still stand up. Stood up, ran some more. It was smooth sailing through the break from there until the first buoy where the waves got a little rough. Made the turn south, a little rough then through the kelp bed. Felt like I could have walked on the water it was so thick. Swam with my head up for about 50-75 yards pulling kelp until the second/final turn. It smoothed out from there until the lifeguard on the jet ski told two-three us we were heading too far north. Sighting the shore was pretty poor on my end. Turned a little southeast on the way back in. Landed far too north on shore so ran to the finish about 1/10 mile down. 

Looking at prior mile swim results I'm very happy with how the race turned out for me as compared to when I started this whole open water swimming process in 2011. 

Big thanks to Jamie for getting out of bed to come with and support me. 

No caption needed. Wow.

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