Thursday, March 27, 2014

Palomar Mountain Ride with CCSD

Once in a great while all everyone needs is a mini-vacation. A little get awhile from the world. A time when things are different, even for a brief moment. 

Climbing from sea level to Palomar Observatory is that small, brief, relief from the world. Where we live is sunshine and palm trees (be jealous), once the cross above 2,000 feet happens there is no more of that. The fog is dense, the tree's filled with pine. It almost feels like being back home in Wisconsin. 

At the start of Saturday's climb up Palomar my blood sugars were high. I've yet to learn that I either need to wake up early to eat or avoid eating until near the start of events. 

No matter, blood sugars were back to normal within sixty minutes of riding. 

The climb felt great, taking it easy the way up because I didn't know what to expect, even stopping to take a few pictures.

Signs at the top. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Do something that scares you

A wise man once said; do something everyday that scares you. Today I registered for the St. Paddy's Palomar Punishment ride this coming Saturday. 11,000 feet of vertical climbing over 100 miles. The route goes up Mt. Palomar, I've never ridden to the top before. I'll know very quick on Saturday if I'm ready for the coming 200 mile ride in April. That much climbing over 100 miles for a rider my size scares me but that's why I'm doing it. Nothing worth doing is easy. 

The riding has been going well as of late. I went through a burst three weeks ago that left me feeling flat but the last two weeks have been spectacular. The last two weekends Jamie has come out with me as well. I know riding outside is slightly out of her comfort zone but she's been doing great. She's done a ton of indoor trainer intervals and you can see how much power she has gained, she's stronger on the bike than I've ever seen her.

Jamie inspired me to ride the Palomar route. Do something that scares you too.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

In the mind's eye

I've been learning photoshop to use for business purposes. I do really like the learning process, it has been opening up a creative side. I'm also able to create ideas I'm not able to put in words. Below is a representation of the mind's eye trying to get over a hard workout. Many times we all have to picture success before it happens.