Sunday, April 20, 2014

200 miles in Hemet, CA

On April 12 I rode 205 miles as part of the California Triple Crown series of 200 mile rides. This event took place in Hemet, a small town in the Moreno Valley about 75 miles from our home in Solana Beach. The area is in a valley, hot and dry in the California desert. 

The day was long, about 14 hours in total. I found it is one of those things that I can check off my list. As long as a rider is fit enough, they can go longer. 

Post event my Mom asked, "how can you go that far?". The answer I gave sums of the event, "it's harder to go fast for a short period of time than bike all day slow." Outside perception is longer is harder but that isn't always the case. 

My blood sugars at the start of the day were high, having spiked after waking up. After a correction in the first 20 miles, in the pitch black of 5am everything settled. The rest of the day was simple, ride...ride...ride. 

Near the end of the ride I went to the mental place that each race seems to give. While this wasn't a race, I was out there for so long it was still a day of pushing oneself. The clarity of mind is a beautiful thing. I thought of Jamie, where my life is going professionally right now and life in general. 

How far is far? Each person's definition is different. Whatever it is, get out there and push your limits. 

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