Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Better Diabetes at Friday Night Racing

The blood sugars faired better this time around. I did what the legend Bill Carlson told me; dosed insulin prior to racing. This time I also had the handy-dandy continuous glucose monitor on as well. The blood sugars were reading a downward trend prior to the start of the first race. The game was on. 

I won the first race easily, thanks mainly to my friend Mike pulling out on the first lap because his seat post came loose. It was a six lap points race, having won the first three laps I pulled up knowing I had enough. I believe this was my first overall victory on the track. 

My blood sugars flatlined now we raced again fifteen minutes later. This was a fifteen lap points race, with a twist. Points awarded on the fifth lap, the twist being we had to regroup after the sprint. Slamming on the brakes isn't fun. I got second overall in this race to Mike who had fixed his bike issue. 

My blood sugars were heading up at this point. The cotton mouth started. The last race of the night was a twenty lap keirin (a race to the finish). The race was pretty mellow until three laps to go. I got third in this one, out sprinted at the end, no juice left. 

I feel better about how my blood sugars were. Diabetes didn't wreck the rest of the weekend either. I gave myself insulin after the last race then rolled around for a fifteen minute cool down. That got my blood sugars to settle, just as Bill said they would. 

I have more to figure out both with diabetes and with racing. It's a challenge but it feels good to have figured it out a little more.  

Can't beat this picture of San Diego.
Coronado Bridge in the back of the Velodrome.

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