Monday, April 27, 2015

April 21 Tuesday Night Track Racing

Blood sugars were pretty stable to start this night of racing. High 100's for not all out efforts. The last race of the night had a HUUUGE blood sugar spike though. I'm learning which type of races need a bolus of insulin prior to going into the race, a points race is one of them. The surges followed by recovery make it one heck of an interval workout and can do serious damage to the blood sugars. During the last race of the evening, I took a few hard hard efforts that destroyed my blood sugar. It was the last race of the night so it all ended up fine. Learning I need major insulin for a points race at the the track. (Wikipedia link to what a points race entails.)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015
4:30 - 169
6:15 - 177, 3.0u
6:30 - rice cakes 75g
Warm up 4/10 effort
Race, tempo 12 lap, 6/10
7:10 - 210, 3.0u
Race, miss-n-out, 4/10
7:30 - didn't take BS
36 lap points race 10/10 effort
8:00 - 363, 6.0u

Warm down

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Track Racing 2015

Track racing is here again for 2015. Tuesday night kicked off my first races of the season. What seemed like a quick winter included a lot of riding and strength training to be in shape for racing. I felt a lot stronger on the track than the past season. Few things in life feel as good as progress.

The action on the track was fast and fun. One thing I'd like to do is post my blood sugars from race day. Baseball with diabetes was different from distance running with diabetes which is now far different than track racing with type 1 diabetes.

Tracking racing is can be extremely anaerobic (which literally means "living without air"), the short races can take all the oxygen from you with 110% effort. One study I read the statement;

"[..] aerobic exercise usually causes blood glucose concentration to drop rapidly, while anaerobic exercise may cause it to rise [...]" (Source)

It took me a long time to mount the courage to deliver insulin prior to a race. Once that insulin fuse is lit, the timer is ticking. It was either make myself an experiment or the blood sugar will always be high and I'll never race well.

On Saturday I raced the USA Cycling event at the San Diego Velodrome. I tracked my blood sugars for the day. I've learned I need to track blood sugars on important days. I believe most of us with diabetes can learn more from one another than any other source. Tracking blood sugars on race day can help me as well as the community.

The day included three races; a 4k individual pursuit, 12 lap scratch race and 9 lap tempo race. All hard efforts of 5-6 minutes.

Saturday, April 18
6:20 wake up - 81, 50-60g,3.5u banana smoothie, coffee
8:40 - 146
11:20 - 165, 45-55g rice cake, 3.5u (on my feet at work from 7-11am)
12:20 - 122, salad, guessing 35g, 1u
4:10 - 221, 4.0u (should have checked blood sugar sooner than this)
4:30 - 21g, 45g (header to velodrome)
Around 5:30- low during warm up, 50g
6:25- 4k individual pursuit, 10/10 effort
6:35 - 130
7:10 - tempo race, 8/10 effort
7:30 - 141
7:35 - 3.0u
7:40 - 25g coke
8:00 - 12 lap scratch, 6/10, legs flat
8:30 - 235, 4u, racing over, warm down