Sunday, May 17, 2015

San Diego Velodrome Omnium

Tracked insulin for the day prior to the USA Cycling race on Saturday evening at the San Diego Velodrome. I ended up fourth on the day and felt like I've gotten stronger and been able to race better since last year. I had a horrible miss-n-out race (last man out each lap) for race number one followed by an okay tempo race (points each lap). The last race of the night was a scratch race (only the end matters) that hurt like heck but felt good, finishing third overall in that race for fourth overall in the omnium points. 

Tracked blood sugars for the day; 
I had some blood sugar swings from shear laziness in the morning, keeping a little higher than favored during the race. 

May 16, 2015
6:40 - 117
Coffee, no food, no insulin
40 min spin outdoors easy
8:20 -177, 1.0u
9:20 - 7u levemir long acting insulin (15% more than normal)
10:30 - 100g estimate Gluten free pancakes, bacon, 7.0u
13:35 - 272, 4.5u
14:10 - 110 heavy drop starting to feel low, 15-20g sweet potato
5:00 - 35-40g sweet potato, almond milk, 3.0u
5:45 - 277, 3.0u
6:30 - 210, 
6:35 - miss/out, 2/10 intensity
6:50 - rice cake, 40g
7:05 - 9 lap tempo, 8/10 intensity
7:20 - 220
7:45 - 190 --> long break
Warm up again
8:15 - 177, 15g coke --> worried about going down during next scratch race which doesn't have a lot of the surges of a points race
8:30 - scratch race 9/10 intensity but mainly aerobic 
9:00 - 227, 3.0u

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