Sunday, October 25, 2015

The best way to hit your goal is...

The best way to hit your goal is to tell everyone about it. Shout it from the roof top. Tell everyone who will listen. This is my way of doing that.

This blog hasn't been written in a long time. That's sad. There is a big gap since May. I've raced a lot since then. It's been a blast. This last racing season was my learn to race season. After stepping away from triathlon I become solely a cyclist racing on the track two years ago. Now for the coming third year I want to do well, race the best I can.

The best I can means being commitment. The last two seasons I've been engaged but this is the step up. Training says ride four hours, that means four and not three because I'm tired. I learned how to be a cyclist over the last two years. Now it's time to climb hills with my big boy pants on, lose weight, get out of my comfort zone and most of all keep my diabetes in check.

October 2nd was my last race of the track season in Los Angeles. After a work trip to Kona I've taken it easy in October. Sleeping in on Saturdays. Riding easy. Working out instead of training. November kicks-off getting ready for the next season.

Next season I want to be below 81 kilos. I'm just under 86 right now. I want to make sure my diabetes is in full control. Each month I'll post my weight and my A1c. Each week I'll post an update. This will help my business writing and keep me in check. Maybe you're not reading this. Perhaps that doesn't matter. I'm using this to shout it from the roof top.

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