About Me

I'm an athlete that also happens to have type 1 diabetes. In college I played baseball and was obsessed with weight training and fitness. I've always seen myself as athlete first, diabetic second.

When college ended I needed to widen my goals and sport ambitions without the luxury of the NCAA. My graduation present was a bike, which lead me to triathlon after moving to California for graduate school. 

I love sports so much upon graduating college I went on to receive a Master's degree in Sport Management from the University of San Francisco. For my professional resume please see BrennanCassidy.com

After completing an Ironman triathlon in November of 2012 at Ironman Arizona I stopped swimming as much and participated in more duathlons/half-marathons. Now cutting out the running I compete in track cycling. 

These are a few of those stories so when I have long past forgotten I can remember again.  I also write this for my parents, so they can see and hear more about what pushes me forward each day and helps manage my diabetes.

Hopefully it will inspire someone else to live a longer, happier life through fitness and nutrition; diabetes or not.  Knock on wood that it will help those other riders in the peloton out there understand that people do not "suffer" from Type-1 Diabetes.  

“Obsessive is just a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated.”